The LA Review of Books recently published a long essay about Stephen King’s IT; its themes, its impact, its creepiness, the inability of commenters to avoid using it or its or it’s when writing about it.

I love the story’s creepiness. I relish King’s excellent evocation of childhood and. EXCEPT . . . *drum roll* . . . that gross-unnecessary-unimaginative-male-fantasy-andwhatthe hellwashethinking section in which Beverly has sex with the other Losers. The essay’s author opts for kindness when he writes: The scene has, to put it mildly, not aged well (although I don’t imagine it worked very well in 1986 either). No kidding.

How I wish Mr. King would revisit and edit IT. Delete that scene. Transform it into something (a) believable and (b) that doesn’t involve child sexual abuse. That he would reject that scene as, possibly, the result of a bad day and the baneful influence of various ingested substances in which he no longer indulges. When I dream, I dream big.!